ANAHATA is about celebrating love. Self-love, love for others. Celebrate and promote different cultures and talents and give them the recognition they deserve.

Here, you’re going to learn more about the Huni Kuin artisans who were part of this new collection and hand-painted 50 pieces using their unique knowledge and creativity.

They are women, artists and makers. Strong, powerful women who collaborated with the FLORITA team to create this special collection from using leftover fabrics.


Sampuanní was the link between FLORITA and the female creative energy with the artisans. 

A leader with a very strong personality, she helped our team understand the Huni Kuin culture. “We have our position as woman,” says Sampuanní. “Usually, the artisans work alone, but we have groups for each activity that unify women. For FLORITA, for example, we created a special group. It’s a spiritual bonding and work. I feel closer each day to the other artisans.”

Having worked on 07 out of our 50 pieces, it was the first time Sampuanní hand painted, and loved it. “It was a new discovery!”. 

In one of the pieces, she painted a maxuxa, a plant that means protection and is a great medicine to cure several physical and spiritual illnesses in the Xamanic medicine. Behind it, there was a tree, with leaves around the Kenãn. She also painted squares, symbolizing the drawings on the leaves. “We create our own symbology.”

No kids and 22 years old, Sampuanní has a special liking in creating the Huni Kuin bracelets (one of the most popular accessories they produce) likes crystals, carries one as a talisman on her bracelet. She says it’s a special gift from her brother. Creative, she likes playing around with new forms and colors.

Every morning, she takes herbal baths, which makes her feel strong and protected. The body paint she is using is the hawk beak, it means spirituality.