Florita began in London, and continues to grow with a heart that beats from the beaches of Brazil.

Central to the ethos of the Brazilian swimwear brand is a knowledge that truly beautiful swimwear must respect and care both for the environment in which it lives as and the people that make it.

Working closely with mixed Brazilian communities to manufacture a carefully-curated yearly collection of unpretentious and heartfelt beachwear products. Our range of swimwear, resort wear and accessories are made using materials and methods of certified sustainability.

As we continue to expand our customer bases in the United States, Brazil, Britain and beyond, we believe bringing the perfect Brazilian bikini to clients around the world should involve no compromise to either our employees or the environment.

In fact, we like to think these priorities contribute to the purity and vitality of our design.  Maintaining balance has come from careful growth and sensible expansion based around an evolving yearly offering that rejects the purposefully limited lifespans some other producers rely on. The building of real and lasting relationships with suppliers and manufacturers and the communities we support and grow with will hopefully carry us all brilliantly into the future.