FLORITA BEACHWEAR was founded in London by Julia Almeida-Bailey in 2017.

Inspired by her hometown lifestyle – Rio de Janeiro. Jules created FLORITA with the aim to support and give voice to local artisans and communities in Brazil. The brand’s mission is to empower diverse communities by working closely creatively and productively, carefully curating one yearly collection and upcycling the leftover fabrics and residue transforming into small, limited capsule collections. 

FLORITA is a brand that believes in being multi-talented. It’s our aim that our environmental concerns do not compromise the ultimate beauty of our products and that being sustainable does not mean being, but instead proving that our sustainable products can be beautiful even before it is worn. 

Following closely behind oil, the clothing and textile industry is the second largest contributor to global greenhouse gasses. We are proud to be honestly part of the slow-living universe and believe that wearing FLORITA encourages conscious consumption. FLORITA reminds everyone of the importance of caring for our environment and people today and tomorrow.