FLORITA is a firm believer in natural and holistic forms of healing, we have been applying crystals and natural stones on our products and swimsuits long before it became popular. Our very first swimsuit, Leblon, has natural stones details so you can rock your FLORITA with protection, and a bit extra positive energy or protecting your chakras wherever you go. Below are some tips on how to take care and energize your crystals, and some of the stones applied on our products.

  1. When receiving your FLORITA don’t forget to set an intention for the crystal.
  2. Sunlight and sea salt are always a great way to recharge your crystal. So if you are wearing a bikini or swimsuit on a sunny day on the beach, don’t forget the crystal is being charged while you have it on.
  3. Moonlight is also recommended, since your product is very delicate (beachwear or resortwear) and will have to be dried up in the shade. Try drying through the night in a safe and sheltered place, but under the moonlight.
  4. We do love smudging so if you feel the crystal needs some extra boost smudge it with sage, palo santo or any other smudge stick of your choice.

Below are a bit of the crystals we usually use and update once and a while.

The semi-precious stones we use to accent some of our products include :

Rose quartz :  opens the heart chakra to love, honesty and positive energy, it enhances self love and love for humanity. This stone resonates to the Anahata,  the heart chakra, linked to compassion.

 Aventurine :  Encourages a sense of confidence and optimism, making it easier to take chances and get out of your comfort zone. It is perceived as the stone holding exciting possibilities and bearing great happiness to its owners’ life. The stone comes in various shades and is a type of quartz.

Black obsidian: Shows you a true reflection of yourself and is great for protection. Grounds us by activating the root chakra. It’s a powerful cleanser and is a wonderful   accompaniment when wanting to remove yourself from places or relationships of disharmony.

Tiger eye :  The ultimate power crystal, it provides perspective and changes perception to help gain deeper understanding of yourself and situations by bringing a sense of clarity. The Tiger eye releases fear and anxiety, working to rebalance your system after periods of uncertainty. The stone aids decision making and general understanding by clearing though your emotional ties.

Amazonite : restores serenity by helping to rid you of worries and self-doubt, as well as freeing any energy blockages you might have. It is a stone of hope and spirituality. The stone can be used to stimulate positivity, encouraging attitudes when speaking to ourselves. Linking to our heart chakras, the Anahata, turquoise shade wonderfully cleanses your energy systems – helping to solve and rebalance emotional imbalances.