Building a well-rounded, eco minded brand is a work in progress and we are constantly expanding our outlook to engage with like minded initiatives who also seek to minimise their impact from the design studio and beyond.


We are proud to be included in the acclaimed ECO-AGE list of recommended brands. ECO-AGE is a highly regarded and reliable source of sustainable outlets for many ethical buyers.

The experienced team assesses all aspects of a brands supply chain; from employees working conditions to the production environment, choice of suppliers and advise accordingly. The company follows and adheres to a strict criteria when consulting a brand, so FLORITA are honoured to be listed on their website.

You can read more about our CEO and founder and FLORITA’s creation here.

B Corporation

A certified B Corporation is a business which performs with the most social and environmental benefit. Certified businesses’ meet the highest standards of both legal accountability and public transparency and work to positively impact the workers, communities and environments they influence.

They are a relatively new model of business, working to balance purpose and profit in equal measure. Other famous B Corps include pioneering ‘patagonia’, inspiring ‘innocent drinks’ and admirable ‘Abel & Cole’.

FLORITA is listed as a B Corporation but we are continuing to find ways to minimise our impact on our maximise our benefits.