Our swimwear line is durable, versatile and sustainably produced. FLORITA works with Amni Soul Eco ® a certified biodegradable yarn with UV protection made from an environmentally friendly polyamide that enables garments to decompose quickly in landfill sites, meaning the fabric will naturally decompose when properly discarded. Unlike other materials, which typically take up to 50+ years to biodegrade, Amni Soul takes only 5.

The whole production line is thought through with us – from cradle to cradle.

The upcycling process was applied since the very beginning of the brand in 2017, when FLORITA started producing the vibrant scrunchie from the ‘scraps’ of the biodegradable beachwear material creating an organic upcycling process which expanded and applied to the resort wear collection creating a smaller collection from the leftover fabrics of the resort line.