Amni Soul Eco ®

Biodegradable from the inside out! Amni Soul ® is a modified polyamide yarn that allows clothes to disintegrate quickly when properly discarded from three to five years. This fabric is used in our reversible swimsuits and bikinis.

Front: 90% biodegradable polyamide, 10% spandex fabric

Reversibles: 87%  biodegradable polyamide, 13% spandex fabric

Lenzing Modal®

86% modal satin fiber and 14% linen, this fabric is used in our Mama Kaftan and Papa Shirts. It’s made out of cellulosic fibers, and is up-to-date with requirements to neutralize carbon. Lenzing modal® comes from a certified sustainable reforestation area.

Recycle fabrics

Produced from recycled yarns and recycled raw materials, no chemical process is used on products made with this fabric such as Flo Beach Kimono, Micro Beach Dress and Shorts and details used in many of our pieces.


Always a premium fabric used in our sarongs, dresses and tank tops. Great for overlaying! Our silk is produced under the processes of social responsibility, respecting the environment.


Although the dyeing process for the FLORITA’s fabrics is the conventional one, the companies behind it are eco friendly and promote the treatment of the waste and water used in the process. Commitment with better practices for the environment.