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Workout at home – Ways of staying active while in quarantine

With social distancing and the trips out of the house getting fewer every time, it may seem easier to feel distracted and with less energy and the best way of improving it is by doing exercises. 

Not only exercises make you look fit and lose weight, but much more than that, it helps you build self-esteem, let go of pent up anger you might be storing, helps your cardiovascular system work better and optimizes your health in a general way. 

Alongside, it is a great way of balancing the energies within you and opening the Manipura Chakra, responsible for our energy, power and self-esteem.

But if you’re worried about what you may do to keep such healthy habits while at home, check out the tips we’ve enlisted for you.

There are a variety of series you can choose from and you should always opt for the one that fits you better and makes you more comfortable. Be aware that, although at home, exercises can cause injuries when poorly done, so you should be careful and set your own pace before trying something new.

Bodyweight exercises

Not everyone disposes of means or space to have gym equipment at home, so bodyweight exercises are a great alternative, since you won’t use any of them and, as the name already says, only the weight of your body.

They can burn calories, enhance endurance and strength and choosing a good training cycle that keeps your heart rate up burns more calories than when stopping to rest.

Bodyweight exercises include cardio, strength training and even a mixture of both. So get ready to do a lot of squats, push-ups and plank variations, working on every little part of your body. 

Or, if you feel like it isn’t enough yet, you can jump rope, go up and down the stairs and run in your backyard. 

Online workouts

Nowadays, technology has infiltrated our lives more than we realize and the same can be applied to exercises: there are a myriad of online workouts and apps at our disposal that can be easily accessed. 

Check out apps like Nike+ Training Club, where you can choose a lot of workouts categorized by the area they target, how long it takes and how difficult it is. Or even Sworkit, that offers a free trial of 30 days that will guide you through the very start of it with stretches till workouts perfect for runners.

Video games

Long gone are the days when video games were used to be played while sitting down at the sofa and doing nothing. With more and more movement technology applied to these games, it is a great way to stay active while at home.

Don’t forget, though, that it may seem like a play, but you need to wear comfortable, flexible clothes that will allow you to move. Once that is dealt with, turn on your video game and choose from the great variety of dancing games or even EA Sports Active. 

Not only you’ll be exercising yourself, but it can also be of great influence to interest the kids with sports and healthy habits.

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