Rock Stars

There are days when even the strongest coffee can’t give you a buzz big enough to tick off that never-ending to-do list or when the week ahead requires more positivity than your Pinterest inspiration board can provide.

For mornings that need a higher dose of good vibes East London Juice Co has it covered. As well as supercharged, superfood-infused ‘Lux Lattes’, they also offer collections of carefully curated crystals for an added boost of energetic healing. Like their ‘Lucky 7’ set which contains an assortment of agate slices to help usher in creativity and good fortune…who wouldn’t want that!

There’s no question that a more modern kind of mysticism has gone mainstream; now you can get crystals with your coffee, monthly lunar guidance (Moon Club) and Instagram is awash with astrological aid (@mysticmamma is a Florita favourite). As the mindfulness movement has steadily gained momentum in recent years (meditation app Headspace had more than 11 million downloads at the beginning of 2017 according to Forbes) so too has the use of crystals and stones for health and wellbeing. No longer reserved only for hemp wearing hippies, now there’s no end to the list of celebrities endorsing energetic healing.

Like Gwyneth Paltrow, who called upon fashion stylist turned to energy practitioner Coleen McCann (@style_rituals) for ‘crystal consultancy’ on the set a recent photoshoot. Deborah Hanekamp (@mamamedicine) was dubbed ‘fashion’s favourite healer’ by Vogue and with their seal of approval you can be sure that her approach to intuitive healing will be a high-end experience. So from Vogue to Goop, Gwyneth’s online wellness mecca, everyone is extolling the virtues of crystal-infused daily rituals and with so many online treasure troves it’s never been easier to track down the right rock for you (Energy Muse and The Colourful Dot are great places to start).

Home to hundreds of crystal caves and mines, Florita’s first collection incorporates five stones from Brazil’s mineral rich landscape to infuse our beachwear with earthly energy from our native land.

So to make it a little easier to pick your own precious piece, here’s what each one can do for you:

1) Rose quartz opens the heart chakra to love and positive energy, it enhances self love, love for others and love for humanity (the world definitely needs more of this right now!) It also helps to release negative or toxic energy, because who wants to hold onto that?
2) Aventurine encourages a sense of confidence and optimism, making it easier to take chances and get out of your comfort zone (it’s also known as the gambler’s stone!)
3) Black obsidian, or the stone of truth, shows you a true reflection of yourself (think Snow White’s mirror) and grounds us by activating the root chakra.
4) Amazonita restores serenity by helping to rid you of worries and self-doubt, as well as freeing any energy blockages you might have.
5) Tiger eye is the ultimate power crystal, it provides perspective and changes perception to help gain deeper understanding of yourself and situations by bringing a sense of clarity. Yes please!

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