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Manipura, the power chakra

If you’re following our blog, you must know we’re taking this quarantine time to reflect upon our choices and actions, self-examining and re-evaluating everything through the perspective of how we can be harming our chakras and how to balance it.

The Manipura chakra, or the power chakra, is the third of the seven main chakras in our bodies. It is located between our navel and breastbone and because of it is related to our digestive system as well as power and energy. 

To understand our chakras is to understand ourselves as human beings: the better we do it, the better we will notice if it is balanced and how to regulate t for a better perception of reality.

Our self-esteem, power and self-belief are all related to the Manipura chakra and when we feel down, think low of ourselves or even feel powerless over some aspects of our lives, it means the third chakra is unbalanced and we need to take a step back to work it out.

Keep reading to find out what you can do to balance your Manipura Chakra and have better access to a better life and understandment of your body and mind.

Meditate with crystals

Crystals are energic totems that help you harmonize your energy. It helps if you have either a deficient or excessive blockage of the chakra.

For the Manipura, you may want to use amber, yellow calcite and topaz.

Don’t forget to cleanse your crystal before using it, by holding your crystal under running tap water, letting the stream pour over it while your mind is focused on your intention. Be aware, though, that some crystals can be damaged by water.

If you don’t want to risk it, you can cleanse your crystal smudging it. It’s recommended to use white sage smudge sticks to this task. All you have to do is light it up and wave it gently in the air, letting the smoke spill over the crystal.


Be it yoga, gym, dance or functional trains, stay active! It is a great way to let go of all the pent up anger within your body that may be blocking your chakra.

Vigorous exercises are the best ones such as kickboxing and dancing, but you can resort to the ones at your disposal at this time, like running in your backyard or going up and down the stairs.


The Manipura is related to the fire and bright yellow color, like the sun, which is full of healing properties and vitamin D, helping to get rid of problems like anxiety and depression. 


Burning Manipura incense or essential oils like saffron and musk are great ways of working on the healing of your Power chakra.


Invest in yellow vegetables and fruits such as lemon, banana, corn and pineapple. For seasoning, use more turmeric, cinnamon, cumin and ginger as they’re great for heating up the body.

Encourage yourself to step out of your comfort zone 

Change your daily routine. Take care of yourself and let go of bad habits.

The Manipura is related to our self-esteem and in order to have it balanced, we have to work on how we see ourselves as a form of self-love and respect.

Unhealthy habits are a great way of losing energy. Although they might be deeply rooted within us, they are incredibly dangerous and must be let go of as a way of starting the process of healing. 

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