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Anahata, the heart chakra

Almost mid-year, and yet living on this emotional roller coaster since the beginning of 2020, It’s understandable to feel difficulty at times expressing love, compassion, forgiveness and gratitude. Values that any human being in the road to enlightenment meditates daily upon.

But life is challenging, and this year the universe decided to test us all, so how do we express these positive feelings in a truthful way with family, friends and co-workers in our new daily routine, and still prioritize our self-love and needs?

The fourth chakra, Anahata meaning unstuck, is located on the chest and corresponds to the heart. One of the most beautiful teachings of this chakra is that it works as a portal from the lower, earthy chakras linked to survival and power to the head chakras linked to the spiritual realm. Self-love and respect are what we need to learn to gain access to enlightenment. 

Below, we’ve enlisted a few tips to help you unblock the fourth chakra and achieve the right to love and be loved in equilibrium.

Let go of the past

Living in the past is something we do pretty often, thinking of moments and actions that can’t be returned as if we needed it to live, but it’s an illusion. What’s happened has happened and all that’s left is the learning that helped you be who you are today.

The Universe is full of possibilities that, although not in the same way, may lead you down the same path of success you once dreamt of. Allow yourself to live today and open your heart to new experiences.


Forgiving someone, or even yourself, might be difficult at first, but it’s a healing process that will make you feel better and cleanse your heart.

Letting go of resentments is an act of freedom, of knowing how those bad feelings are only hurting you and that to achieve a better relationship with yourself is necessary to release them.

Be grateful

Be grateful for who you are, for all the experiences you’ve had (even the bad ones), for being alive. Be grateful for everything that makes you who you are today and for the decisions that you’ve made to be where you are now.

Gratitude is the key for a better life.

Establish healthy boundaries

Stop for a minute and think: do you respect your own needs or are you always saying yes to others even when you want to say no?

Learn how to say no sometimes without being aggressive and determine what you think that’s acceptable for your life. It’s an amazing feeling to create a loving and safe atmosphere and choose who to let in.


What we eat has a great influence on our chakras and if you want to balance it. 

Green is the color of Anahata, so add foods like green bell pepper, lemon, kale, spinach and green apples on a daily basis.

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