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2020 SO FAR

We should have all understood by now that the world will only move forward positively by embracing cultural diversity. Respecting each other’s differences, history, background and beliefs.  

Only by being courageous enough in looking at ourselves in the mirror and starting to heal griefs and old beliefs we will be able to let go of what really is hurting and move forward towards a more enlightened path. To accept ourselves as we are,  we need to love our shadow and our light. Only by doing so, we will be able to see and accept the same in someone or something else. 

FLORITA is positive that even though the world is going through tough changes, diversity in the future will not only be celebrated but encouraged and cherished. That more and more people will open their minds and realize how incredibly powerful, strong and more in flow with our lives and goals we are by working together, and not against each other – life becomes more joyful. 

One of the brand’s main principles is to discover unique cultures and bring their talent to light. We’re central to the belief that it adds value to ourselves and how we present our products. Diversity enriches sustainable societies and that’s why we’re always striving to do more each time. 

ANAHATA, coming out 12/06 is our most intimate collection. Produced not only by our hands, but also by the hands of the Huni Kuin women of the Humaitá River in Acre, Brazil. Celebrating and promoting this beautiful diversity and resulting in intercultural designs.

Photo: José Nilson Sabóia Kaxinawá

2020 has been a year we will remember for many reasons in the future, at FLORITA, we want this year to be remembered as the year people started to really accept themselves and diversity and the impact this worldwide meditation the universe is forcing up on us has caused in everyone’s lives. 

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