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A Pause to the Earth

The world is going through some rough times. 

Flames running over hundreds of squares kilometers of forests. Oceans filled with plastic. Air filled with toxicity. For years, nature has been calling out for help and although we may be going through a hard time ourselves, it is also making us stop and the environment has been taking advantage of it. 

While the world has its doors closed, our ecosystem is open 24/7 working to heal itself and it is already possible to see some changes happening in several places at the same time, astonishing and exciting people around the globe. 

According to the European Space Agency, the air pollution on China reduced around 40% between the end of December and the middle of March. It has also registered a fall of 200 tons in the emission of CO2 in February. That is the equivalent of what England issues in a year!

Italy is also one of the places people saw the change already. 

For the first time in decades, swans, fishes and other species were seen swimming through a free of boats and gondolas Venice.

The waters became clear because the sediments, that were always being moved around for the propellers of the boats and movements of the gondolas, have finally settled on the bottom of the channel, leaving the water free of active pollution. It’s not restored, but the small change seems inviting to the animals that once were seen around. 

Scientists in Italy are already researching ways to keep the waters clean, once life gets back to normal, with sustainable projects. 

Times like the one we are living are indeed a great burden to the world. But while people are being confined in their homes, nature is working to restore itself, to make it a liveable place again, but it can only do so much on its own.

It is primordial that these “free samples” trigger us into doing more for the planet, for the world we live in. 

We, at FLORITA, are always thinking about our planet. Our swimsuits are designed to be reversible, allowing multiple uses and promoting a conscious purchase. Our swimwear is, also, made of the Amni Soul Eco, a biodegradable yarn that decomposes when discarded. Not to mention our sarong cangas made from recycled PET plastic bottles collected from the shores of South American beaches.

Always thinking forward, we created #FLORITAECODAY, a day in which we ask you to join our mission to help the planet. But your actions can be taken part from anywhere in the world, be it an active help or not. 

Quarantine has us prived from a wide open world, but it has also benefited us with the possibility of a new future, with the possibility of doing something not only for the planet but for ourselves and the life we want to live. 

Use the time to think of what you can do to make it a better place, to help nature restore itself and create a better place for the future generations. Swans, fishes and dolphins showing up in places they hadn’t been seen in years and reduction of the air pollution is just the beginning. We can do much more than that.

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