5 Ways to help reduce plastic in our oceans

One of the biggest enemies of the environment today, plastic is present in basically everything that we use in our daily lives. It ends up in the oceans and never disappears, but fragments into millions of tiny pieces that endanger the marine life. They mistake it for food and often die of poisoning. Other times, we might end up eating fish that have ingested plastic, doing so ourselves too.

At FLORITA we pride ourselves for being one of the companies in fashion to care about the planet. We are always looking for ways to affect positive change and you can too. Have a look at these 5 ways to help reduce plastic in our oceans.


If you love the beach as much as we do, then you surely want to be the the first to help clean it. Is there anything more relaxing than warm, pristine sand framing crystal clear waters? Join a local organization’s ocean cleanup, such as PARLEY, or gather your friends and family at the beach to pick up the plastic in our oceans. You will be astonished by the kind of garbage that ends up in your favourite beach, but the good news is you are already making a difference!

It is normal though to feel overwhelmed by the amount of plastic pollution. There is floating plastic everywhere hurting the marine life, like sea turtles and all kinds of fishes. And what is worse is the plastic debris that we cannot see and that ends up in our food chain.

So every little gesture counts when it comes to saving the sea creatures, our oceans and ultimately planet Earth.


Be it for take out, water bottles, groceries or hygiene products, unfortunately we all end up buying single-use plastics in our day-to-day. And what’s shocking is that most of it is not necessary or it’s absolutely replaceable by non disposable objects. Take the pledge to reduce plastic in our oceans and make some simple changes in your routine.

Take a groceries bag for example. You only need to refuse the plastic one at the cashier and bring your own reusable instead. Another easy thing to do is to replace your common cotton buds by environmental-friendly, plastic fee ones. Also, why not carry a stainless steel bottle with you to avoid having to buy a water bottle every time you feel thirsty?

And the list to reduce plastic consumption goes on and on, while we just need to believe that our small gesture, together with that of others’, will make a difference.


 It may seem like an obvious solution, but the truth is that according to National Geographic only 9% of the plastic waste is properly recycled. The rest ends up in already overflowing landfills, rivers and ultimately the ocean.

So we need to make sure that we are keeping our end of the bargain when it comes to separating litter. And if you are wondering what happens once our used plastic cups and bottles enter the recycling process, they are carefully selected and transformed into usable elements.

The first thing that happens is that the objects are separated by material, since there are different kinds of manufactured plastic. To distinguish between them, they are ground into tiny pieces and mixed in water. One type sinks to the bottom and the other floats, making it possible to separate them. Once they’ve been separated, the flakes are melted into a liquid that will then be used to manufacture other goods.

So, if each of us takes a second to properly put the trash in their own place, we will all be contributing to reduce tons of plastic in our oceans


Our pieces are produced with the most advanced, certified biodegradable yarn technology in the field which is 100% non-toxic for our planet and it will decompose into organic matter in just 5 years after hitting the landfills.

This is only possible since the biodegradable yarns allow the bacteria that is present in landfills, to break it down into biomass and in result, it is harmlessly returned to nature.

So you can rest assured that your FLORITA swimwear is not only soft, comfortable, resistant, and with protection against UV-A and UV-B rays but also safe to our environment.


It is through our own actions that we can influence others to do the same. If each one of us take the pledge, by boycotting single-use plastics, by cleaning the beaches or wearing responsibly made clothes we will reduce the pieces of plastic in our oceans little by little.

We might think that these positive changes have only a small effect compared to the million tons of garbage that we produce. But the truth is, if you and your family do your part and then your friend’s family to theirs and so on, we will all be contributing to a better future.

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