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“Every woman is beautiful” – Artuaní, Huni Kuin Artisan.

ANAHATA is an intimate, sacred journey into the fourth chakra. A re-invention of what it means to fuse spirit, identity, and meaning into our clothing. A lesson in love, kindness, and balance. A call to transcend our egos and become alive. 

FLORITA invites you to discover our newest capsule collection of handpainted kaftans, t-shirts and shirts, which was made exclusively in collaboration with the Huni Kuin women of The Humaitá River, in Acre, Brazil. ANAHATA is crafted from fabrics from previous collections in line with FLORITA’s ethos and commitment to sustainability. 

In an organic process, Founder and Creative Director Julia Almeida-Bailey felt a calling to collaborate with the indigenous communities of Brazil – to dive deeper into the Brazilian community as well as honour her past and heritage. This journey is completely personal: Julia’s grandmother was an indigenous woman from Bolivia. 

In her search for her ancestral past, Julia was connected to the Huni Kuin Tribe, from the village of Aldeia São Vicente do Rio Humaitá, with 146 people living there and only accessible by boat. The capital, Rio Branco, is a four-day journey away. The Huni Kuin people speak the Kaxinawá language, with some knowledge of Portuguese. Amê is one of the leaders of the village, which is named after his father, Vicente Saboya, and is the bridge between FLORITA and the Huni Kuin women. 

In this patriarchal society, the men and women have clearly defined roles in work and marriage. While the men hunt and fish for the village – the 65 women in the village ensure that life remains stable. 

The Huni Kuin women are exceptional artisans. They are creators, makers, and dreamers. They are painters – creating local pigments and paints from local materials using their unique knowledge that has been passed from generation to generation. 

In this exclusive collaboration with FLORITA, the Huni Kuin women painted unique designs and motifs onto the pieces, creating symbols grounded in spiritual energy. Their inspirations come from dreams they’ve had after consuming traditional ayahuasca, a psychedelic brew, and entering into a trance. This bolsters their creativity – the result is sacred. 

Aldeia São Vicente do Rio Humaitá ; photo courtesy of Comtxae

The Process

In this moment of uncertainty, FLORITA adapted the creative process in order to operate and produce this collection safely. 200 masks were dispatched to the village and the women were guided about safety precautions in relation to COVID-19. 

With daily messages and weekly video calls, FLORITA’s team was able to stay updated with the production as well as learn more in-depth about the Huni Kuin culture via Amê. 

Working online proved to be a challenging, and rewarding experience for both the FLORITA team and the Huni Kuin people. Due to the current situation, this collection was designed and created exclusively online. 

Artisan working in one of our products

The Women

The women are an integral part of the Huni Kuin society. They support their communities and families with unconditional love.

While the men are off hunting, fishing and some even traveling – the bulk of the housework falls to the women. Yet they also find time to create – they are painters, ceramicists, and artists.

Before working with FLORITA, the women had to ask their husbands for permission. Once permission was granted, the women participated in weekly calls and online meetings with the FLORITA team to begin the creative process.

Through this collaboration with FLORITA, the women have been paid into a bank account for the first time. FLORITA is directly impacting 7 families out of the 22 families in the village.

FLORITA is proud to support the Huin Kuin women and bring their exceptional skills to a global audience.

Biruaní, Maria da Liberdade, photographed by Amelia Karlsen for the online campaign

 The Collection

ANAHATA affirms FLORITA’s commitment to exploring different cultures as well as supporting artisans throughout Brazil. This collection also showcases a new direction for FLORITA as the brand continues to evolve its ecological footprint. From this moment on, FLORITA is now a zero-waste brand. 

This is a 50 piece exclusive collection, each piece in ANAHATA is crafted from materials from previous collections, using innovation and creativity. 

“FLORITA has brought union and consolidation to our community. It’s a brand that doesn’t think only about money but respects education and values art. This project will live forever. It’s a project of spiritual importance, This is what this collection represents for us. ”

José Nilson Sabóia Kaxinawá, heir of Aldeia São Vicente do Rio Humaitá 

The Internet was extremely important since our pieces were already in Acre when the pandemic striked, the team had to quickly adjust production and creative-wise through technology to materialise it . ANAHATA happened because of the link between ; London – Rio de Janeiro – Acre. 

Social media campaing test during one of the weekly meetings

Colouring Process + tags:

For the paint, they used: Aniline from the forest, urucum, aguano bark, safor extracted from the bulb of the plants and milk from rubber tree to seal the ink. 

This is a natural process part of the Huni Kuin culture daily rituals. It’s the same process they use to do their body paint and their own festival clothes. 

The tags that go on each piece are made with the same process in a studio in Rio de Janeiro that only works with natural ingredients such pigments from walnut extract and other organic dyes were used in the process. Tags were also produced with reused fabrics from the previous collection. Each piece is numbered and signed by the artisans through docusign throughout our meetings in order to protect the Huni Kuin people from any infection of COVID-19.

Artisan creating a kaftan for ANAHATA

Meet our artisans